"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott, whom I consider to be one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have encountered"
Tim Finchem, Commissioner, The PGA Tour
"The knowledge gained while using Trackman has been invaluable to my game."
Mac Fritz Vice President Player Promotion-U.S. Acushnet Company
"His skill at communicating the 'how' of the game into my swing has been a major factor in my improvement."
Harvey Shank, Sr. Executive Vice President, Phoenix Suns
"The one thing I appreciate most is the simplistic manner in which Scott approaches teaching the golf swing."
Len Mattiace, PGA Tour Winner
"Scott Sackett, like all the great teachers, makes the student comfortable with clear and simple analysis of issues."
Ed Gowan Executive Director, Arizona Golf Association

Trackman on the PGA Tour

Currently, over 100 touring professionals use Trackman in their training, including world #1 Tiger Woods and #2 Rory McIlroy.

Tiger Woods on Trackman at Chevron World Challenge


A player and coach who have the knowledge to accurately interpret the data points (seen above,) can then make swing and/or equipment adjustments and immediately see positive changes in ball flight.  For this reason, Trackman is a scientifically backed resource the game of golf possesses, silencing any mixed messages which different instructors, commentators, journalists or players might be sending as to how the ball flies and why. 
Having used Trackman in each of my 2800 lessons in the past 16 months, I have come to accept the truths surrounding ball flight which Trackman has discovered, even though some of it is direct contradiction to what myself and the majority of instructors thought to be true.  
Listed below are just a few truths which all my students are learning from and the best players in the world utilize for analyzing their ball flight. 
Trackman Truths

#1 – Clubface is responsible for 75% of starting direction with an iron and 85% with a driver. With few exceptions, most related to an off center hit or largely skewed club path in relation to face angle, a clubface which is open at impact produces a ball which starts right of target and a clubface which is closed at impact produces a shot which starts left of target (opposite for left handed player)

#2 – Path (the movement of the club head just prior to and immediately following impact) NOT clubface is the driving force responsible for the curvature of the golf ball.  

#3 – A ball does not have sidespin as previously thought. It spins on one single axis and that axis can be tilted left or right. Just like an airplane banking to make a turn; the more tilt to the spin axis, the more the ball will curve towards that tilt.

#4 – Maximizing Distance with driver having 90 mph club head speed hitting down on the ball with a -5 degree angle of attack vs. hitting up at the ball with a +5 degree angle attack will cost you 23 yards!
I’ve spent the last 28 years instructing players of all ability levels, and can truly say Trackman has been the most beneficial piece of equipment providing the clarity necessary for game improvement. Trackman in large does for a coach and player what before took hundreds of balls to accomplish. It has streamlined my expertise for which I diagnose a golf swing and ball flight.  With the aforementioned truths, it becomes much easier for both the player and myself to identify exactly what is responsible for producing their current ball flight pattern…no more guessing. There will always be a need for great coaching in golf.  However, just as the assembly line revolutionized the efficiency of building cars, Trackman is the efficiency golf has been waiting for.
"The Trackman Radar system is at the top of the golf technology world.  I have been using it for 2 years and it has helped me train and improve my game to reach my goal of playing at the highest level of competition. It gives you instant feedback with face angle, club path and attack angle, just to name a few..."
Matthew Liringis
Desert Vista High school, AZ central Arizona high school player of the year
Justin Rose on Trackman at 2013 Masters

Trackman measures PGA and LPGA tour data each week compiling averages, statistics and data for the best players in the world.  I understand these averages and have been successful thus far in being able to communicate the meaning of each student’s data, how all the data points relate to each other and the benefits of improving them.  


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